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King’s College in London & Cornell University’s ILR School launches new International Human Resources Management Academy (IHRMA)
next IHRMA forum in New York City June 13-15, 2012.

LONDON, 30 March 2012 - -
Globalization is now more fluid and dynamic than ever, driving significant international business challenges, many of which arise in managing complex, cross border workforces.

A new International Human Resources Management Academy has been established by Cornell University’s ILR School and King’s College London. The academy, which will meet at least twice a year in New York City and London, is designed as a forum to share cutting edge academic research (often before publication) and new knowledge & ideas with HR leaders and managers. In so doing, it will provide insight and understanding into highly demanding, strategically critical, current global HR management issues.

The IHRMA forums cover evolving key business themes arising from managing people in an international environment, allowing participants to become better equipped and informed around HR decision making that can create competitive advantage for their own organizations. The 2012 forums include the following themes:
  • Globalization, global firms & emerging management challenges
  • Changing HR paradigms and global value chains
  • The changing role of global HR and the CHRO
  • Developing international HR strategy, metrics & analytics and ROI
  • Managing major organizational change across international boundaries
  • Leveraging talent within the global organization
  • Organizational innovation and HRM
  • People risk & reward in an international context
  • Managing internationally mobile, remote and virtual teams

In participating in the International HRM Academy, participants will be exposed to new knowledge as it is being created as many of the speakers such as Professors’ Patrick Wright, Tony Edwards and David Collings, will present ongoing research and practice. In this way, participants will become part of a diverse learning community of like-minded professionals from organizations with a truly global footprint; sharing knowledge, experience and expertise.

Stuart Woollard, Director of King’s College London’s Management Learning Board said: “Real opportunities exist for those firms that can understand the nature and impact of globalization and develop people capabilities across their international operations. We are very excited to establish a new International HRM Academy with Cornell University’s world renowned ILR School. Our academy will facilitate access to world class, cutting edge knowledge and research and allow firms to identify strategies and solutions which can translate into significant value and competitive advantage.”

For further information, visit or contact Stuart Woollard at King’s College London on 020 7848 3313, or at

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