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3 megatrends impacting EU
Time to upskill to 4.0 talent mobility
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3 Global Forces impacting European Union
First, aging will create an economic growth gap as the working-age population declines, putting the onus for future GDP growth on productivity, which is currently waning.

Second, rapid advances in digitization and automation will disrupt the European economy, expose it to new competition, and raise difficult questions about the future of work, even as they provide the potential to boost productivity and close the growth gap created by the demographic changes.

Third, the EU faces increasing competition from emerging-economy companies and digital multinationals, rising migration pressures, and a broader backlash against globalization and global institutions as many citizens feel left behind.
Source: ConferenceBoard and McKinsey Global Institute


... asking for your opinions

Your opinion matters.
What say you?

Global business is a 'megatrend' better enabling development of diverse people & economies worldwide resulting in... an expansion and the rise of a global middle class, an evolving pool of global talent for 'smart companies', keen awareness to develop a 'global mindset'.

Yes, imbalances have been created so let's get it right because no one should be left behind---let's build a global private/public partnership to develop + implement worker retraining specifically for needed functions and skills + 'upskilling'
+ fund compensation for the displaced.

Doing so would be good for business. What say you?
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7h30, check-in desk opens;
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breakfast coffee, pastries, fruit

8h30, Program starts with Moderator's Purpose and introductions
Ed Cohen, Publisher-
Broadcast Host –

9h, Talent Mobility: What does the business want?
How to ensure talent mobility does not constrain your business.

Michael A. Piker, Vice President, Global Total Rewards / People Technology
Human Resources - NASPERS Group

9h45, Paradigm shift in HR & Mobility – How future trends shape the Mobility of the future
Chris Debner, Strategic Global Mobility Advisory

The paradigm shift from compliance to EX – employee experience & purpose orientation marks a major change in the Mobility of the future. What is the future of mobility, what trends lead to it and how to cope with them. Learn also how you can get your programme future ready, valued by top management and how to engage your teams better.

10h30, BREAK …Sponsor tables open

11h, 4.0 Global Mobility
Wendy Kendall, Organization Psychologist on Global Career Strategies

A workshop on how to leverage ROI in global mobility by setting-up your assignees for success in a way that measures strategic value creation and helps you to retain people and enhance business value from the assignment/project.

sponsor tables open

13h, Tech Mobility Innovations …Customer Experience
Wiebe van Bockel, Voerman Group
Paul Bernardt, Harmony Relocation Network
Monique de Blécourt, EY Executive Director; Practice Leader BENE Assignment Services & MPI

additional subject experts will be announced

14h15, Expatriate families: Challenge of Integration and Adjustment
Johannes Klemeyer, President, Globiana

14h45, BREAK
sponsor tables open

15h, Leading Companies
Navid Nazemian, Head of HR Business Partnering

16h – 18h, GlobalBusinessTALKSHOW
Interviews with thought-leaders/subject experts audience discussions

Moderator: Ed Cohen, Publisher, Global INTERVIEW magazine
Broadcast Host,

Commentators and Special VIP Guests will include...

• Monique de Blécourt, EY Executive Director; Practice Leader BENE Assignment Services & MPI

• Michael Piker, VP People / Technology – Naspers

• Siobhan Cummins – Head of Global Mobility – Naspers

• Wilma van der Veer- Global Supplier Service Manager - AirSwift

• Julie Sustronck - Sr. Manager Employee Mobility Ops International (EMEA+ APAC)- CB&I

• Ellen Jansma, (in transition) x-VP Head-International Mobility - Philips

• Inge Nitsche- Managing Director, Academy of International HR Studies

• Michiel van Campen - Executive Director - Permits Foundation

• Kristine Racina, President FIGT (Families in Global Transition)

Discussion topics can include

Boards want 100% ROI on Talent Strategies

Mobility as a profit center? Your opinion matters

Family issues, spouse/partner working, solutions

Executive assignments; Rewards incentives

Alternative Assignments and Compensation/Benefits

Business Travel and compliance...Who should own it?

Duty of Care/Safety-Security

Women and Diversity on assignment?

NextGen and choosing Mobility as a Career path...

…additional corporate practitioners will be announced

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