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frontier markets, emerging markets, developed markets...
managing to have the best talent in the right locations, right time, right price.

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This education event is a Benefit for the Children's Hospital at Stanford University.
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Note: This workshop is very highly interactive.
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In a global, interconnected economy, jobs will flow to the nations with the best training and education. -- Larry Fink, Chairman & CEO, BlackRock

Well, that says it all...
about why today will be important to you.

Bom Dia, Olá, Hola y bienvenidos, konnichiwa, nǐ hǎo, Aahn-nyong Ha-say-oh, Marhaba, and Shalom. Hello and Welcome.

To help you prepare for this highly-interactive workshop, you are invited ...PARTICIPATE in the GLOBAL RESEARCH ...please click. Findings will be discussed throughout the workshop. Participating in this research will help prepare you for the world we will be living in: Frontier markets...the Emerging markets...the Mature/Developed markets.

Drilling-down, it's about YOUR "take-aways" and implementing your new knowledge. We want to help you build and apply the new skill-sets. Today, you have a pathway for professional development. But questions need to be answered:

How will talent be acquired, from where?

How will the talent be trained and developed?

How will it be deployed and will the relocation benefits serve 'leadership development' or will the relocation create additional problems?

What about 'succession planning' and the 'next assignment' utilizing the new skills developed from the relocation experience?

Please contact me directly...

• We care and value your time and resources.
• We will provide content designed for solutions.
• You take-away practical info, new contacts.
GlobalBusinessNews offers a 100% guarantee on today's education quality and usefulness.


from 8am
Coffee and and Connections
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8.50 - Program start
Moderator will introduce the Delegates

Ed Cohen - Moderator

9.15 - 10:30 ... Theme Keynote ...panel with audience participation

Survey findings and discussion of the findings in a panel discussion. Whether you are the CEO, CMO, the CHRO or the VPHR, Head of a function, an HR practitioner, a management consultant, in-house Mobility manager, Realtor Relocation Director, or an entrepreneur... you have lessons learned from dealing with and managing people or processes related to international business and 'going global'.

Help us 'raise the education bar'...others want to learn and discover... so, we invite you to participate in this 'reality check' and join the conversation.


Jennifer Green, SPHR Master Strategist, HCI Master Practitioner, Leadership Coach (IPEC)
Principal, Green Global Resources

Carolyn Feuille, President
Esprit Global Learning

Ashok Mathur, CEO, Unbound Networks

Gabriela Zelaya, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

Glen Elliott, Human Resources executive, HP (just retired)

Jennifer Green is a uniquely “specialized generalist” in strategic global total rewards/recognition and organizational development: mergers &acquisitions integration, change leadership, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement and goal alignment, contextual leadership coaching, and more. Her career has covered small to mid-size public and pre-public companies, up to large global Fortune 50 and 100 corporations. Ms. Green is highly proficient at cultivating strong, collaborative partnerships with key stakeholders to effectively plan and execute solutions to organizational effectiveness challenges. Some highlights from some of Ms. Green’s most noteworthy successes:  As Senior Director of Global HR at Synopsys for 27 countries across Asia, Japan, India, Europe, and North America, Ms Green lead engagement action plans and onboarding practices that significantly improved retention of key talent and reduction of overall turnover in critical talent geographies. While in her role as head of global HR, Ms Green lead the geographic team’s integration of the largest merge in the industry, working collaboratively with the Business Partner organization for a seamless transition.  As Synopsys’ Senior Director of Global Total Rewards and Strategic Business Partner to Sales, Applications Engineering, and Professional Consulting, Ms Green carried four strategic roles simultaneously in a matrix organization, reporting to 4 SVP’s of the Company. In her total rewards role, the first company-wide incentive plan was put in place, SAP was implemented globally, and sales incentive plans were totally re-designed to support a total re-organization of the sales force. In addition, a new workforce calibration methodology that supported the “pay for performance” philosophy was designed and integrated into a management compensation review tool and process for recommending employee equity, base salary increases. Other achievements included a multi-national benefits pool, yielding dividends and superior plan terms and conditions for employee benefits. In her role as Strategic Business partner to the field organizations, talent assessments, succession and leadership development plans were conducted with the CEO and President semi-annually. All roles involved a close working relationship with Finance to align plans to the budget and business direction of the organization.  Consulting projects have involved organizational effectiveness, total rewards, incentive plan development, and change leadership. Ms. Green’s diverse and broad HR knowledge, her understanding of business and financial principles, and her consulting experience, provide a solid basis for leveraging the strategy development and execution of the right solutions for clients. Areas of focus for the future include: change leadership, total rewards strategies and plans, and organizational development.

Carolyn Feuille, M.A., M.S., is a business coach and training consultant to organizations and individuals, specializing in leadership, teambuilding, global transitions, and career success. She has been designing and delivering coaching and training programs for the past 25 years in high tech, banking, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, and other industries with such companies as JDS Uniphase, Cadence Design Systems, Genentech-Roche, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, and a few start-ups. Her passion is to serve leaders in their transition to global roles, leading global teams, and adapting their style to be more effective to get desired business results across borders. She also served as an internal quality system consultant for corporate-wide certification in ISO 9000 & 9001 at VLSI Technology, Inc. She is skilled in facilitating business process improvement projects to streamline operations and lower costs. Her international career includes living and working in Colombia, France and the United States, and working in Europe and Japan. She is co-author of the Polaris Global Leadership Competency Model and 360 Assessment Survey.

Carolyn works in English and French and is conversant in Spanish. Her degrees are Teaching English Communication Skills and M.S in Organization Development/ HR Management. My coaching specialty is global leadership and certification is from Corporate Coach University International.

Gabriela Zelaya is an International Trade Specialist for the U.S. Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce in San Jose, California. Gabriela has worked for the U.S. Commercial Service for the past ten years, covering both the Education and Life Sciences portfolios for the office. Gabriela is currently the Education Team Leader for the Global Education Team and the Biotech Sub-team Leader for the Global Healthcare Team. In her role as Biotech Sub-team Leader, Gabriela manages a subgroup of Life Science Specialists and creates programs that cater to biotech sector clients looking to find partners and export their products and services. Previous to the U.S. Commercial Service, Gabriela worked with the Los Angeles Joint Drug Intelligence Group in Norwalk, California, as Data Analyst. Gabriela has a Masters Degree in International Studies from the University of Miami in Florida and a Bachelor of Arts from University of California, Riverside. Gabriela is fluent in Spanish.

Glen Elliott is a business executive and consultant who sets and consistently achieves challenging goals and delivers impactful results in his professional and personal life. He is a graduate from top-tier universities, has held leadership positions at ionic companies and has been a nationally ranked athlete. Underpinning Glen’s broad interests is a passion for the humanities, human development and global people economics. Working in the fields of higher education, professional services and human resources have afforded him the opportunity to explore and apply his strengths while making a large impact on institutions and client organizations and the people with whom he has collaborated. Glen has a talent for being able to see patterns and relationships that are not readily seen from observations and data. This ability enables him to solve complex problems and, to go deep into any area of focus. Glen’s approach has yielded new industry leading products and services, program delivery models as well as novel insights about situations and people. Glen’s high EQ enables him to easily connect with others. He strives to build long lasting and endurable relationships based on reciprocity and mutual respect. Working in over 65 countries has deeply enriched his understanding of people, cultures and communities. Glen’s personal journey, career path and philosophy make him an ideal leader, consultant and coach. He is articulate, outgoing and persuasive in a manner that is both personable and resourceful. Glen’s recent pursuits include him being recognized as the top volunteer at Canary Foundation’s 2013 Canary Challenge. In 2009, he transitioned from running to road cycling and regularly taking part in demanding group rides. His passion for the visual arts is fed by drawing free-hand original designs for my wife’s crafts business and being a non-profit board member.

Ashok Mathur is the Chief Executive Officer of Unbound Networks, a bay area start-up. Ashok has over 25 years of experience in the information industry, where he has played significant roles in introducing new technologies to the market. He has started new businesses, participated in taking a company public, and forged numerous business alliances for his companies in the U.S., Asia, Australia and Europe. Over the years, Ashok has spoken at and chaired numerous panels at industry conferences. The various roles that he has played over the years include the following: Chief Executive Officer at Pittsburgh Iron Oxides • Chief Executive Officer at Aegis Systems • Managing Director at First Pacific Networks• Executive Vice President at Aircraft Technical Publishers• Vice President and Senior Vice President at TMS, Inc.. Prior to immigrating to the United States in 1979, Ashok worked for ITC Ltd., India’s largest company at the time. When he left ITC, Ashok was the Vice President of operations and a member of the Board of Directors of the company’s Foods Division. Ashok is also a consultant at Charis Intercultural Training Corporation. In this capacity, he trains Americans on how to work effectively work with Indians, and Indians on how to work effectively work with Americans. He is often called upon to help American organizations resolve seemingly intractable problems in their India operations. Ashok has a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Jiwaji University, India, and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India. He was a doctoral candidate in business at Oklahoma State University – a program he did not complete because he cofounded TMS, Inc., a company he later helped take public. In his spare time Ashok plays tennis, chess and bridge, all with much greater enthusiasm than ability.

sponsor tables open

10:55 - 11:25
XPAT SPOUSE / PARTNERS ...Is it wasted talent?

Elena Mosko, Founder/CEO

Elena Mosko is the Founder and CEO of Globiana. Her frustration with lack of effective adaptation support and modern day tools for the newcomers to the US and the harsh financial consequences for the global mobility investments, resulted in her launching Globiana Concierge in 2012. Globiana Concierge is an on-line portal supporting the needs of the accompanying spouses of relocated corporate employees with a wide portfolio of high-touch services. Most of the team resides is Silicon Valley and has experienced international relocation in the past. Elena was born in Moscow, Russia, and came to the US as a graduate student in 1990. She studied international marketing at Babson College and has an MBA from Santa Clara University. More recently as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies, she has been involved in many projects including building and managing professional online communities.

11:30 - 12
Merger/Acquisition and fast-growth;
new role of HR and managing expectations.
Examples will include... Current TV then AlJazeeraAmerica and now ROBLOX

Presenter Dawn Dunlop will talk about her experiences and applying new learnings.

Dawn Dunlop, Director of Human Resources

ROBLOX allows builders to create elaborate online environments that simulate the real world, then share and play them with the community. ROBLOX is ranked #1 among kids entertainment sites by comScore in the U.S. for daily visitors, total minutes, total page views, total visits, and average visits per visitor. ROBLOX generates over 3.5 billion page views and 62 million total engagement hours each month. The developer has started paying up to $10,000 to some of its community creators, since those people have helped make the game more popular than ever.

12 - 12:30


Jill Mikolajczak, Managing Director, GTN Pacific
Global Tax Network ("GTN")

Pat Schwan, Senior Manager, GTN Pacific
Global Tax Network ("GTN")

Pat says: “What I like best about working at GTN is the passion people show for providing our clients, personalized and responsive service. The atmosphere in the office is one of genuine pride and enthusiasm for what we do every day.” Pat has recently joined GTN and is excited to join such a dynamic and client service-focused team. She has specialized in individual income tax planning for international assignment employees for more than 25 years and has extensive experience with clients in the area of taxation of nationals both inbound to and outbound from the U.S. Her experience includes having worked outside the US in Spain, Canada and the United Kingdom, working with executives of numerous multinational corporations in Madrid, Toronto and London. She held the position of Practice Leader for Grant Thornton of their International Expatriate Tax Services. In that capacity she managed, directed and administered the internal team. In addition she oversaw the International Expatriate Services Subcommittee for the International Tax Advisory Committee and facilitated the expatriate taxation training for the International firm. She has also managed senior tax positions with Deloitte and Arthur Andersen. Having a broad experience serving multi-national companies and their international employees, Pat is known for: • Delivering a proactive and responsive service; • Listening and providing individualized solutions to clients and assignees; • Promoting straightforward and honest communication. Pat received her MS degree in Accounting specializing in Tax from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a BS degree from Carroll College majoring in Spanish and Economics. She is a member of the AICPA and the Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants. In her free time, Pat enjoys working agility courses with her black lab mix dog, kayaking and traveling with her husband.

Jill leads GTN’s Pacific region. She draws from her experiences of living and working in India and South Korea, as well as various client projects in South and Central America, Asia, Europe, Mexico, and the U.S. She has held senior international tax positions with Ernst & Young, Arthur Andersen and Deloitte. By following today’s global mobility trends, Jill likes to think beyond typical solutions. She encourages her team to understand cultural as well as realities for clients and assignees. She emphasizes that assignments can range from short-term to permanent assignments, as well as complex business travel that may or may not trigger international taxation. Each assignment and assignee has a unique tax situation for home and host countries, requiring Global Tax Network’s knowledge of international business practices beyond tax law.

Global Tax Network ("GTN") is an International Assignment tax services firm. We provide Expatriate and Foreign National program development and support for organizations, including tax planning and preparation services related to employees on international assignment, transferring to a new country, or working temporarily outside of their home location (i.e., short term international assignments).


Preventing Project Assignment "Failure" and enhancing International Assignments R O I using The Fully-Leveraged EAP

> Is an employee assistance program simply a “nice” employee benefit?
> Should it be considered anything more?
> Are EAP purchasers really getting true value?
> How can an organization utilize an EAP to its fullest advantage?
> Does an employer’s size restrict the scope of expectations it can have for its EAP?

This presentation will attack some of the prevailing misconceptions of EAP, describe the merits and limitations of differing EAP models, enumerate their diverse applications and uses, and ultimately, equip EAP purchasers with the knowledge to be smart shoppers of EAP services.

The workshop will further explain how a properly leveraged EAP can and should be expected to advance the mission of not just an organization in whole, but to further the missions of its key components: Human Resources, Corporate Safety, Corporate Security, Legal, and Public Relations.

Session Leaders
Jeff Christie, LCSW, CEAP
Associate Manager, Employee Assistance & WorkLife Services

Tony Devencenzi, Senior Vice-President,
Director, Employee Assistance

Tony Devencenzi manages all aspects of the program, including services delivered by the internal Employee Assistance Consulting (EAC) team and multiple external employee assistance vendors for Wells Fargo including OptumHealth EAP and Shepell Morneau International EAP. Tony is responsible for strategy development and implementation of behavioral health risk mitigation services including threat management, domestic violence, fitness for duty evaluations, robbery response and workplace critical incidents. He also leads the program design and oversight of employee assistance vendor audits and process improvement plans. Prior to his current role at Wells Fargo, Tony was Director for the Kaiser Permanente Employee and Physician Assistance Program. He also managed multiple functions for the Kaiser California Division Shared Services team including Leadership Development, Professional Development, Organization Effectiveness, Learning and Development and Organization Research. Tony joined Wells Fargo in 2007. He has a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco and is a licensed Marriage and Child Therapist (MFT) and Certified Employee Assistance Professional (CEAP). He is a member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), Employee Assistance Roundtable (EAR), International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF), and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Jeff Christie is an accomplished employee assistance professional with 30 years of experience rendering, establishing, expanding, managing, and operating employee assistance programs, primarily for Fortune 500 companies. He has broad experience coordinating EAPs in relation to organizational safety, security, and healthcare concerns. Jeff is well-known for his excellent skills in writing, public speaking, strategic planning, research analysis, financial management, and team leadership. Jeff has served as president of the two largest of the field’s professional associations: the Employee Assistance Roundtable and the Employee Assistance Professionals Association. His specific work has involved guiding EAP staff in assisting managers and supervisors dealing with employee performance problems, fitness for duty, and workplace conflict. He has provided consultation to company leadership on job-impacting behavioral issues, interpersonal problems, drug and alcohol concerns, sexual harassment, diversity, threats of violence, and benefits design related to mental health and substance abuse. He has partnered with benefit administrators in the oversight of managed behavioral healthcare vendor as well as ERISA, ADA, ACA, and HIPAA compliance. Jeff has led EAP/WorkLife function in tracking and reporting the value, cost effectiveness and impact of its services on productivity and safety.

2 - 2:30

Cross-Border Employment Law Issues:
Effective Use of International Employment Counsel

Heath A. Havey, Attorney
International Employment Practice Group
Jackson Lewis P.C.

Heath Havey exclusively represents management in workplace law and related litigation. Mr. Havey also defends management in statewide class action litigation. He primarily represents clients in California or Nevada, and consults with Japanese companies doing business in the United States and with non-Japanese companies doing business in Japan. Mr. Havey has special expertise in advising multinational companies in labor and employment matters related to Japan and United States operations, including compliance, transactional matters, mass employment mergers and acquisitions, cross-border litigation, transnational contracts, globalization, and proactive employment advice and counsel. He is frequently asked to lecture regarding the international and domestic aspects of cross-cultural labor and employment matters between Japanese and United States companies. Mr. Havey is fluent in Japanese and has a comprehensive understanding of Japanese employment practices and laws. Mr. Havey was admitted to the State Bars of California and Nevada, and to practice before all courts in the State of California and the State of Nevada. He was also admitted to practice in the United States District Courts for the Northern, Central, and Southern Districts of California and the District of Nevada. He was also admitted to practice before the Ninth Circuit. Mr. Havey is a member of the Labor and Employment Law Sections of the State Bar of California, the State Bar of Nevada, and the American Bar Association. While residing in Japan, Mr. Havey attained the distinguished qualification of receiving a license to practice as a Registered Foreign Lawyer in Japan (Gaikokuho Jimu Bengoshi) and was a member of the Japan Bar Association (Nichibenren). He practiced in Tokyo for a number of years. Mr. Havey has been recognized as a “Rising Star” in the 2011 edition of Northern California Super Lawyers. Mr. Havey previously worked in the Tokyo and San Diego offices of Baker & McKenzie as an international labor and employment lawyer, and as a domestic labor and employment litigator in Las Vegas. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese from Brigham Young University, and his Juris Doctor degree from the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University. He also received a grant for, and participated in, an international legal studies program in Tokyo, Japan in 1997, sponsored by Temple Law School. From 2003 to 2005, Mr. Havey was an adjunct professor of law at Temple Law School’s Tokyo campus, where he taught comparative Japan and U.S. labor and employment law, international contract law, and civil procedure.

Published Articles:
• Author, “Japan Workplace Laws,” GLOBAL HR NEWS (2009). • Co-author, “Amendments to Japan's Industrial Safety and Health Laws," INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2006). • Co-author, "Worldwide Guide to Japan Termination, Employment Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Laws," GLOBAL LABOUR, EMPLOYMENT & EMPLOYEE BENEFITS (2005). • Co-author, "Overview of Japan Employment Law," GLOBAL EMPLOYER (2005). • Co-author, "Japan's New Whistleblower Protection Law," INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2005). • Co-author, "Japan Childcare Leave and Family Care Leave Law," INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2005). • Co-author, "Japan Supreme Court Rules Stock Options are "Wages,” INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2005) • Co-author, "Japan’s Labor Trial Law to Come Into Effect Next Year," INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2005). • Co-author, "Japanese Labor Law Reforms," GLOBAL EMPLOYER (2004). • Co-author, "Japan's Employee Delegation Law," LAW AT WORK (2004). • Co-author, "New Employer Guidelines on Personal Information In Japan," INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2004). • Co-author, "New Obligations Regarding Temporary Employees in Japan," • INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE (2004). • Co-author, "Japan's Worker Dispatch Law," LAW AT WORK (2004).

2:30-3:30 ...Closing keynote session
Managing Expectations


Ed Cohen, Editor, GlobalBusinessNews

Commentators and audience discussion.
Leaders will include...

Linnea Quai Hoi, Manager
- HR Global Mobility Programs
Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Trimble Navigation, Ltd., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, makes GPS receivers, laser rangefinders and inertial navigation systems. Trimble is a leading provider of advanced location-based solutions that maximize productivity and enhance profitability. Trimble integrates its positioning expertise in GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Trimble serves a variety of industries including agriculture, engineering and construction, transportation and wireless communications infrastructure. The Company's portfolio of over 1,800 patents is the basis for the broadest positioning solutions portfolio in the industry.

Linnea has 17 years of Human Resources experience with 15 of those years focused on Global Mobility Programs. Linnea's responsibilities include worldwide relocation and worldwide immigration liaison for Trimble Navigation and it's subsidiaries including but not limited to vendor management, policy management, package negotiations, tax and education on customary practices. She manages all moves from inception to completion, and all immigration cases from start to approval.

Rebecca Counihan, Manager, Global Mobility Programs,
Intuitive Surgical Corporation

Intuitive Surgical Inc., headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, is an American corporation that manufactures robotic surgical systems, most notably the da Vinci Surgical System. The da Vinci Surgical System allows surgery to be performed remotely using robotic manipulators. It is a "breakthrough platform" for robotically assisted minimally invasive surgery.

Rebecca Counihan is a global HR program manager with more than eight years of experience in the medical device and technology industries. Currently, Rebecca works at Intuitive Surgical managing their global mobility program including international assignments, U.S. domestic relocation, and U.S. inbound and outbound immigration. Prior to working at Intuitive Surgical, Rebecca founded Proteus Consulting, specializing in market research, strategy, and business development consulting. She has also worked as a paralegal, leading teams specializing in permanent residence (green card) for a Fortune 100 high tech client and is knowledgeable of U.S. visas, including H1B’s, L’s and O’s in particular. Rebecca holds a master’s degree in Global Business Administration with a specialization in Global Marketing from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and International Business from Arizona State University. Additionally, she is certified as a Global Mobility Specialist. Rebecca believes strongly in the power of volunteer work and has held leadership positions with various organizations throughout her career including, the International Rescue Committee, Silicon Valley Leadership Group, Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, Palo Alto Young Professionals, and the Phoenix School District mentoring program. She is a guest lecturer on various HR topics at Menlo College in Atherton, California and an HR panelist for the Global Executive Leadership Program at Thunderbird School of Global Management. Rebecca lives in Palo Alto, California, with her husband, Terry, her daughter Larkin, son Tripp, and their dog Callie.

Yuki Watanabe
Director, Global Mobility

Yuki leads a team of specialists to manage Gap’s Global Mobility program. Her unique combination of experiences in corporate tax, payroll, and compensation helped Yuki become a strategic partner to Gap’s business leaders, navigating through complex challenges to deliver creative solutions in support of business goals. She also manages relationships with the program’s vendors, including tax and immigration. Prior to becoming an in-house Global Mobility professional, she spent many years as an expatriate tax and payroll consultant helping clients manage their programs. A native of Japan, Yuki moved to the US for higher education and never looked back. Aside from the 6 years she spent with NIKE in Portland, Oregon as the Transferee Tax Manager and Asia Pacific Regional Compensation and Benefits Manager, she has called California home. Yuki has a B.S. in Business Administration from San Francisco State University and is an Enrolled Agent and a Certified Public Accountant in the State of California.

CONNECTION RECEPTION in the beautiful Gardens

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