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Welcome to the 7th GlobalBusinessNews conference presented for Seattle metro. But first, here is very important information.

Carol Olsby of Carol Olsby & Associates approached me 7 years ago at a SHRM global conference to encourage me to bring our conference to Seattle. We are committed to delivering high-quality global HR conferences worldwide. I accepted Carol’s invitation to come to Seattle as she has extensive global HR experience establishing, acquiring, and building global and country business operations with a focus on being an “employer of choice”. She is highly regarded by the global business leaders who have engaged her and is considered a well-respected global HR thought leader. Carol is also well-known for her commitment and passion for the global HR profession by the considerable hours spent volunteering and contributing to books, magazines, white papers, etc. She leads the Global HR Consortium and HR Roundtable and is a member of SHRM’s WA Global HR Committee and SHRM’s HR & Technology Expertise Panel where she is dedicated to the global HR community by providing and supporting excellent educational opportunities and for building a great HR community. Carol and I worked closely on the conference agenda and she has recommended many of today’s presenters. She has also been a frequent speaker at our Silicon Valley conferences.


Now, I want you to get ready for cutting-edge thinking by the thought-leaders graciously willing to share their professional expertise with you. Why? Because it's a "win win" situation... the bar is raised ...all participate... all will grow. In the end it's the CUSTOMER who wins. And, this means sustainability. So come and participate and take-away practical guidance and new information, and new contacts who can help you and your business.

Today's changing market opportunity and increasing competition is driving a re-allocation of capital resulting in strategic workforce planning... and this is cascading across several companies as we speak.

All of this will result in a different perspective on global talent and use of mobility for directed and specific client work, for technical or market-based training, executive development, or broader usage for marketplace management. Today's sessions will address this situation because it will impact the world we will live in 2014...and beyond.


from 7h -
Check-in Desk Opens
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8h -
Moderator's Welcome Remarks and Introductions
Ed Cohen, Editor,

...recent study by NFTC and Cigna

Russ Hyde, Senior New Business Manager
Cigna Global Health Benefits

Russ Hyde is a Senior New Business Manager for Cigna Global Health Benefits’ Western Region. Russ has been with Cigna since 2007 and has been successful in consulting with employers and their brokers to meet broad-based international coverage needs, whether the company is relatively small and just entering the international arena or already has a substantial global presence. Russ has worked in international insurance for the past seven years and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Point Loma Nazarene University.


A brief look at key success factors;
strategy, governance, resources and process.

Patrick Hickey
National Practice Leader, International Employee Benefits
Wells Fargo Insurance

Patrick Hickey is the national practice leader for international employee benefits. He holds more than 29 years of International Human Resources (HR) and employee benefits experience, including consulting, global project management, organizational initiatives, and customer management. Patrick is responsible for leading, expanding and promoting Wells Fargo Insurance’s international employee benefits practice. He works closely with the field offices across the country to deliver international employee benefit services that are consistent with customer requirements, as well as providing professional and technical support to sales executives, their service teams and the customers they support and serve.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo Insurance, Patrick was a principal and senior advisor in Mercer’s International Group, where he was responsible for managing customer relationships, consulting on global issues, and developing new business. Patrick earned his bachelor of science degree in business administration, finance major, from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He earned his master’s degree in international business administration from DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois.

Theme Keynote

SHRM has published a white paper “Future Insights” 10 trends for 2014 according to SHRM’s expertise panelists.

Carol Olsby, MS, GPHR, GRP, CCP
Principal, Global and Domestic HR Consultancy
Carol Olsby & Associates, Inc.

Danielle Monaghan
Head of Talent Acquisition - Consumer

Carol Olsby is a member of SHRM’s HR & Technology Expertise Panel where she is part of a team of subject matter experts who advises SHRM on global HR and technology. Carol was part of a global HR team who worked on this project. Carol is Chair, HR Roundtable; Chair, Global HR Consortium; and, SHRM – Global HR & Technology Expertise Panel. Reach her at

Danielle's specialties: Human Resources, Succession Planning and Leadership Development, Staffing, Sourcing, Workforce Planning, Management and Talent Engagement, Organizational Efficiency, Diversity, Executive Recruitment, Technology Utilization.

Prior to Cisco, Danielle worked at Microsoft in a variety of Talent Acquisition and HR roles in U.S. and China for 13 years. Danielle was responsible as Client Facing HR Partner for SVP of Technical Services at Cisco Systems, San Jose. Support leadership development, change management, organizational development, culture and organizational competency development. Earlier, Danielle was Cisco's Director and Head of CFHRM - Greater China, Japan & Korea.



Rick Watt- Director, Total Rewards; Human Resources
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Rick Watt leads the Compensation, Benefits and Global Mobility teams aligning services to support the foundation's strategies and efforts. Over the past seven years he has been in global roles utilizing his vast experience in developing and implementing programs to meet today’s organizational needs. The foundation’s Washington office leads government relations efforts in the United States, Canada, and the Asia-Pacific region and serves as a base for programs that focus on the eastern United States. Rick’s experience in this area spans 25 years gaining experience with organizations including American Express, Wang Computers, PeopleSoft, Computer Sciences Corporation and Unisys. He has had geographical responsibility for Asia Pacific – during the height of the IT Outsourcing activity to India and China; Europe and Latin America.

10h20 -
Coffee & Strategic Connections
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Exercising Due Diligence in Hiring Around the World. Employers can be the subject of lawsuits for negligent hiring if they hire someone that they should have known, through the exercise of due diligence, was dangerous, unfit or unqualified. With the mobility of workers across international borders it is no longer adequate to conduct these checks just in the United States.

Les Rosen, Author and Attorney
Employment Screening Resources (

Mr. Rosen and Employment Screening Resources are recognized experts. ( ...The firm that wrote the book on background screening. Accredited by NAPBS. This seminar will introduce employers to international background check, including the legal, practical and cultural challenges employers face when obtaining information outside of the U.S. Among the topics covered are the ins and outs of international criminal records, terrorist databases, and whether background checks are needed on applicants with a visa.

Issues and trends

Pat Riley - Partner, International Executive Services

Current Topics in US Immigration:

Monika Szabo, B.A., J.D. - Partner
US Immigration Practice Leader

Assignment Program panel discussion:

Curtis Lind, International HR Manager,
Columbia Sportswear Company

Curtis is the International HR Manager, ringing over 20 years of International HR experience in the areas of Total Rewards, Benefits, Training, Operations, Strategy, and Global Mobility. He has a Master of Science in Human Resource Design from Claremont University. His 20 plus years included working for Toyota Motor Sales, Intel Corporation, and Columbia Sportswear Company where he is presently employed. His experience with Intel also included a Regional Expatriate role in Asia between 1989 and 2001 and extensive experience in building the HR practices and policy around compliance in the region. In his free time he enjoys the outdoors, especially backpacking, camping, and fly fishing.

Joe Laubach, CPA, Senior Tax Manager,
SSA Marine, Inc.

Mr. Laubach is a senior tax manager at SSA Marine, Inc. He joined the company in 1998. He is a graduate of Gonzaga University and a certified public accountant.

12h15 - LUNCHEON & Strategic Connections
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Big Data Management

Dan Stachofsky, Senior Manager
Decisive Data

Decisive Data is a growing company with a big vision. We believe the right people, when equipped with the right data, can change the world. From Sub-Saharan poverty to departmental inefficiencies, complex problems typically persist until enough accurate, relevant information is gathered and put into the hands of those willing to take action. And that’s what we do. Together with our clients, our consultants break down organizational initiatives, challenges, and opportunities of all shapes and sizes and translate them into clear, clean, real-time, actionable data. Leveraging the latest technology, Decisive Data expresses our customer’s business through robust, affordable world-class business intelligence solutions aimed at achieving one powerful outcome: insight for decisions.

Our Declaration
1. We believe data deserves to be set free from manual work arounds.
2. We believe every business can benefit from more integrated data.
3. We believe that better data equates to better decisions.
4. We believe that data should be real-time, flexible, and powerful.
5. We believe risks should be taken, but risk should be tested with great data.
6. We believe complex business scenarios and decisions require data to check pure gut instincts.
7. We believe data on mobile devices enables employees to make better decisions.
8. We believe that companies with the best data will outperform the competition.
9. We believe in affordable business intelligence solutions.
10. We believe better data has the power to change the world.


'How to engage with your Chinese staff'.
Understand some of the elements that make up Chinese Culture and how Chinese thinking patterns typically differ greatly from the West. A discussion about right and left brain and the importance of this when looking at the working styles and business practices in the US and China. Some statistics on the rise of China will be offered. A look at HR trends in China and what we can learn from these. ALIVE concept for employee engagement and expand on why these simple techniques work so well in China.

Andrew Woods
author, professional speaker, university lecturer,
and facilitator of soft-skills training around the globe.

Andrew Woods is founder of one of the UK’s leading soft-skills training companies, he has provided training workshops for over 400 companies in China, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Ireland, Italy and the UK. Lexxon Training provides transformational workshops that inspire organizational change and personal development for all levels—from the CEO to the front line worker. Training delivered face-to-face and hands-on, through energetic, interactive workshops and professional support to help your people succeed. Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions: Participants get the opportunity to look at North America and China in relation to Hofstede’s Cultural Dimension. We can see areas of conflict that arise and understand why before they do as the cultural dimensions greatly differ. Cross Cultural Mistakes in China: Understand some common mistakes that can be made due to cultural misunderstandings. Speaker will offer up some humorous examples from over ten years of living and working in China. (Global examples will be shared from delivering workshops several countries.)

...executive summaries and conversation
The "next" High Performing Leaders
...where will they come from?

Suzanne Elshult, Executive Coach-ICF

Britt Provost,
Vice President, Global Service Lines

Mindy Geisser,
Chief Human Resources Officer
Colliers International

Judy Burke,
VP Human Resources
Pacific Market International

Ann Hatcher,
VP Human Resources
Getty Images

15h25 -
Communicating Across Cultures

Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison is a communication consultant, intercultural trainer and facilitator based in Seattle, Washington. She has extensive experience creating and facilitating programs for global teams with an emphasis on building relationships, negotiating, problem solving and communicating across cultures. She is the founder of Shelley Morrison Associates (SMA) and also adjunct faculty for TMA World, Imparta, Ltd., IOR Global Services and Dean Foster. She has provided training programs in the U.S., Western & Eastern Europe, Africa, South America, China and India. A former broadcaster and marketing/technology executive, Shelley trains other trainers on how to use online platforms and create engaging virtual programs. Shelley has a BA in Communication, a Masters in Teaching and is completing her Masters in Intercultural Relations (2014). She is certified administrator of the MBTI, DISC, IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory) and the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory. Shelley co-founded the Northwest chapter of SIETAR (The Society for Intercultural Educators, Trainers and Researchers). As a public speaker in the intercultural field, Shelley has presented at the following conferences and workshops: Moving Beyond Mobility 2009 (Berlin), SIETAR USA 2008 – 2013, Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication 2012 (Portland), SIETAR Europa 2012 (Krakow), SIETAR INDIA 2013 (Mumbai), Intercultural Management Institute Conference 2013-14 (Wash. DC), Seattle University Law School, University of Washington’s Global MBA Forum and their Annual International Student Orientation.

15h50 -
"Global Compensation: Getting It Right"

When does global compensation need to be examined?

What are my business issues?

What are the elements of global compensation?

If a salary survey isn't enough, how do I find local compensation data? How do I help my business make prudent compensation changes?

These questions will be answered.

Melanie Sprague, CCP, GRP - Domestic and Global HR, Total Rewards Consulting
Sprague & Associates LLC

Melanie is a local expert in domestic and international total rewards, operations and practical HR strategy. Her 23 year career in HR include multinational M&A integration, executive compensation, stock administration, international mobility, HRIS, total rewards design and management, organizational design, CEO and Board succession planning. She has worked at Towers Watson, Starbucks, Dendreon, Univera, and ECONET.

Best Practice Global Health & Wellness Programs

Nancy Board, MSW, GPHR
Senior Healthcare Director
Global Corporate Challenge (GCC)

Nancy Board is an industry expert in global human resource management, health & wellness, employee assistance and international business. As Senior Healthcare Director with the GCC, a leading corporate health initiative, Nancy consults with current and prospective clients regarding value-add and long term strategies for effective health programming and sustainable outcomes. Prior to joining the GCC she served as Vice President, Health & Wellness for JPMorgan, Asia Pacific overseeing wellness and health initiatives for nearly 40,000 staff across 18 countries. Previously she served as Vice President, Global Services at PPC Worldwide, an international provider of employee assistance and workplace well-being programs, headquartered in the UK. There she developed the strategy and built the framework for health & wellness programming throughout Asia, based in Sydney.

Having travelled and working extensively in Asia, she’s developed the cross-country and cultural acumen to successfully implement meaningful health programs across varied cultures, languages, and borders. For eight years Nancy supported the US Postal Service HR and Employee Relations teams with efforts to more effectively manage stress and enhance employee health & well-being. This included executive level coaching, consultation, and violence response and reduction strategies.

This unique combination of HR and professional clinical skills has given her the ability to guide organizations in their development of human capital initiatives including risk reduction, leadership development, workplace productivity, and global health and wellness strategies.

17h -
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