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Welcome to the 1st Nordic GLOBAL HR Conference ... Lunch n'Learn... collaborative idea exchange and problem-solving
Solutions = Shared-Services and Talent Mobility

You are cordially invited to talk with and learn from
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to be held at...
GRAND Hotel, Vesterbrogade 6, CPH, DK-1620
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TIME: 11:00 until 14:30...
Memo from
Edwin B. Cohen, Conference Developer & Moderator
CEO and Editor, Global HR News

Hello and a warm welcome to you from San Diego, California, and I thank you for your kind interest in the 1st annual Nordic GLOBAL HR NEWS CONFERENCE, a very timely lunch n'learn.

DANSK ERHVERV which is the Danish chamber of commerce and major companies and key business thinkers are asking the Danish government to make reforms that they say are required in order to better attract educated and highly-skilled foreign professionals and subject experts. The activists are also asking for a reduction in the "minimum income barrier", and, "changes in education policy so that Denmark pays only to educate international students in those areas where businesses say they need specialists." A report in the newspaper The Copenhagen Post reported that "business leaders say that red tape, ever-changing immigration laws, and a lack of coordinated effort among local and national authorities discourage highly-skilled foreign workers from coming to work in Denmark, and that both businesses and workers are losing out on the diversity and richness that different cultures provide."

"Skilled foreigners are a gift to Denmark", said the Executive Director of the Consortium for Global Talent".

The newspaper report went on to say that "a recent study by the chamber of commerce suggested that Danes need to be more open to foreigners once they decide to work here. The chamber of commerce, they said, projects that by 2020 Denmark will be short 15,000 highly-educated, highly skilled workers in order to maintain Denmark's current level of international competition. The chamber wants a campaign to feature Denmark's economic, cultural, and lifestyle benefits."

Finally, the newspaper reported that "Charlotte Mark, the CEO of Microsoft's development centre emphasised that Denmark needs to be more competitive to attract highly-skilled foreigners who can often pick and choose between jobs around the world".

I invite you to come join the conversation on Tuesday and beyond. GLOBALHRNEWS will be covering this story. But now, why not come and collaborate and benchmark and moreso, get ready for the NEW WAY FORWARD... anticipate the future and increase your potential by problem-solving in advance of a "crisis".

Lets come together and thrive!

I believe that you will take-away practical information, guidance, and new learnings usable on the next business day. If you honestly find the information and time spent not useful then as Conference Developer & Moderator, I guarantee it and upon discovery I would then offer you a free registration to one conference that we produce during 2012, anywhere we do it.

Yours sincerely, Ed

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11:00 until 14:30

Moderator: Ed Cohen, Editor, Global HR News

Benchmarking workshop design; short presentations plus open-forum collaboration; plenty of time for audience discussion


Thought-Leaders will include:

Per Erik Sørensen, VP People & Culture, VESTAS Wind Systems A/S; and he is also... Associate Professor (Ekstern Lektor) - Process & Change at Copenhagen Business School

Mr. Sørensen is responsible and accountable for Global performance, rewards policies and practices. He is the Executive HR management lead and he is the key player in initiating HR transformation process towards a modern, competence-centre ...partner/shared-service-centre. Mr. Sørensen is a well-regarded HR executive with broad experience in most aspects of Human Capital Development & Management Consulting. He also has direct experience with mergers & acquisitions, business and HR process re-design and rewards management. Mr. Sørensen is especially passionate about startups as well as "company turn-around" situations.

Vestas Wind Systems A/S engages in the manufacture, sale, and service of wind power systems that use wind energy to generate electricity. Its products primarily include a range of wind turbines and wind power systems. The company also offers VestasOnline Business, a SCADA system for modern wind power plants. This system includes a range of monitoring and control functions allowing the wind power plants to be controlled in the same way as a conventional power plant. In addition, it offers a range of project planning, installation, and operational services. Vestas Wind Systems A/S operates primarily in Europe, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific. The company was founded in 1945 and is headquartered in Randers, Denmark

Birgitte Hxj Ranch, Global Mobility Manager with FLSmidth A/S (

Birgitte Ranch is a senior HR manager and is involved with Employer branding - employee retention and employee attraction; and, Internal communication - development of HR portal for employees. Birgitte also has responsibility for the development of Global HR Mobility concepts and policies; for managing a Consultancy to manager and employee in regards to international transfers; and, responsible for Coaching expatriates and their families.

FLSmidth is a 130-year old company... a global engineering company supplying one source plants, systems and services to the global cement and minerals industry. FLSmidth in the 21st Century is a company that is growing world-wide. Order intake and backlog are at historically high levels. We constantly strive to improve our products and services and develop new products to meet the needs of our customers in the future. Ever since its creation more than 130 years ago, FLSmidth has been characterized by innovative thinking and a desire to find the best possible technological solutions. Today more than 13,000 people make up the company's global workforce. The development of FLSmidth is the classic story of an entrepreneurial firm starting off in a modest way in the late 19th century and growing successfully through hard work and business acumen to become a major international group that now serves the cement and minerals industry worldwide. Today, FLSmidth is on the cutting-edge in state-of-the-art technology and supplying equipment for cement, mining and related industries, providing everything from a single piece of equipment up to a complete cement plant. Our engineers provide our customers with equipment custom designed to meet their specific needs, drawn to their specifications; meeting the Government standards for low emissions and customer’s request for low power consumption. We provide supervision during construction and erection of the plants, commissioning services and after-market products and services.

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